17 March 2010

and go!

here's the tough thing about having a blog: i feel like my life must suddenly be super, extremely, exuberantly exciting. now that i have a blog, i'm somehow responsible to do things. to go somewhere. to be somebody. (sister act, anyone?)

the problem is that i'm not sure, exactly, where this little blog of mine is going to go. it's still sorting out its ambition, and as a new 25-year old myself, i feel i should try to have some patience while it figures out what it wants to be when it grows up.

so readers - who don't exist quite yet, because i haven't told anyone, even my mother (!), about jackson riley - i ask your patience. and i invite you to do what i do when i'm trying to figure out my next move: kill time by looking at pretty things on etsy.

vintage coral flow asymmetric night necklace in gold (whew!) by StudioRona on etsy.

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