17 March 2010

so it goes.

well... hello.

i'm new here. thought i should throw that out there.

i almost feel like i shouldn't be here, not quite yet. i've spent the last couple of hours trying (with increased desperation) to pick a color scheme, a font style, a catchy and fun (but not too cutesy) description of my blog. i almost gave up because i don't have an artsy picture for the 'about me' section (you know, the ones where you look all deep and beautiful and it's just the back of your head because there may be crazies out there, and you need to feel it out before you go showing your face to everyone and their - possibly crazy - mother.)

so i just decided to write. and add 'take an artsy picture' to my to-do list.

sidenote: apologies, i use excessive parentheticals when i get nervous. i'll cut that crap out soon. hard not to include a couple in that sentence alone. must. control. myself.

one day i will have beautiful photos for this blog. with creative topics. and witty sassy posts. but i'm not there yet. i am, however, on the road. and i'll get there. promise. what i can tell you is this: (this is) Jackson Riley is a blog to keep me writing, to build community, to put my unedited voice out into the universe and say hello.

so hello. and i'll see you again soon.

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  1. Hello. Welcome to Blogtopia, as I recently read the blog world called. In some ways, it is.



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