27 March 2010

i secretly want to be an old woman.

I'm pursuing this goal with alarming relentlessness. Let's recap the week for examples, shall we?

A) I went to bed at 8:22 last night. No Joke. And I woke up at 7:41 this morning. That's over 11 hours for you math-challenged folk.
B) I had to go to bed last night because I went out the night before. You heard me right. I stayed out until 11:30. On a Wednesday.
C) I have fallen in love with Estate Sale-ing.

Maybe this goal is not so secret, as several people called me after my bedtime (didn't your momma teach you not to call after 9... oh wait.) And I've announced my latest Saturday morning activity to everyone I've met this week. Let's recap these convos:

"Hi Sarah, how's it going?"

If you're lucky enough to be at my house when we have this conversation, I then try to show you the jars that I've picked up from said estate sale:

Mmmm, lots o' awkward moments. But srsly, aren't they pretty? The giant one, the one with the word flour on it, it has flour in it. The front mason jar has my hippie cane sugar and the other mason jar has my powdered sugar. I like sugar. Behind the jars are my stackable mugs from World Market. I didn't get them at the estate sale, but I really like them, so I'm giving them a plug here.

How does one find an estate sale you ask? Go to estatesales.net, click on your particular state, navigate down to your city, and start your search. If you are in Seattle, you'll probably find me. I'll be the one there that doesn't have white hair (yet.)

**Update: I used "recap" twice in one post. Really? I need to buy a thesaurus...


  1. Oooo, I'm still a bit intimidated by Estate Sales... Mostly because I'm under the impression that everything is super expensive and I don't tend to carry cash with me, ever. But perhaps this year I will get over it and go!

  2. Why keep your desire to be an old lady a secret??!! It's sort of my raison d'etre and I'm clearly open about it!! :)

    I went to a disappointing estate sale this morning (although I did obtain some charming glassware that I have been coveting for awhile). Hopefully we can find a thrilling one tomorrow!!

  3. Melina! You must go right away. I spent $6 on 3 jars. SIX! That's tots cheaper than IKEA. But yes, you need cash, which is kind of a pain.

    And OLIT: for sure.

  4. You do have gray hair...and old lady perfume


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