19 March 2010

tucker ate the iron cream.

let me introduce you to my sister and her boyfriend's puppy, tucker. i know, flipping adorable. i'll love him, even though he and his puppy teeth did this to my journal:

it was time for a new one anyway. moving on.

a couple nights ago, tucker got into my sister's iron cream (why she has iron cream is a whole other story for a whole other post). anyway, said iron cream looks like rust-colored butter, and she keeps it in a syringe. tucker found said syringe, and exhibiting capabilities i didn't know dogs had, he ate it. and so megs, boy of megs, and tucker spent the night at the vet. poor tucker. poor megs. poor boy of megs who had to pay el vet.

oh i feel like i should tell you all that tucker has issues (he's a rescue dog) and when they last moved he got super nervous (his last owners abandoned him when they moved). meg and boy of megs put a tshirt on him to calm his nerves. a-mazing.

photos courtesy of my sister megs and myself

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