19 March 2010

you wouldn't punch a baby now, would you?

i did it. i told people about this blog. not everyone, just supportive folk, like my mom and my aunts. and my friend Ben, who once said that no one would read my blog except my mom. i invited him thinking i could guilt him into being a follower. and to prove him wrong, because my mom and her sisters will totally read this thing. boo-yah.

anyway, this blog is new. fresh. kind of like an infant child. so play nice, because you wouldn't punch a baby, would you? just to drive that point home, i've included a picture of a child to play on maternal/paternal sensibilities.

photo from etsy shop joretta.


  1. I know about your blog now too and I shall follow it in a completely supportive and whole heartedly delighted way!!

  2. I will be very supportive. But if you say anything unintelligent I will make fun of you for it. Just kidding. I think it's very gutsy for you to do this, so I will keep my sarcastic ways to a minimum. Keep on writing cause it's so much better than accounting.


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