20 April 2010

just call me suzy homemaker.

last week was a busy, CRAZY week at work (story of my life these days...), but Thursday was Amos' birthday and I wanted to do it up right. In my family, we don't do birthdays, we do birthweekends, unless that's not enough time. Then we resort to birthweeks.

I wanted to kick-start the birthweekend off right. I had finally decided what I was going to get the boy -- my first two ideas, while fabulous, were prohibitively, mind-blowing, I-wish-I-was-a-kabillionaire expensive -- so I was down to the wire. Late Wednesday night, I ran out to REI and snagged some gear to support his newly acquired triathlon habit.  I mean, I didn't hold back. The kid got the Cadillac of goggles.

Then came time to wrap it. It was Thursday afternoon, and I hadn't gotten wrapping paper. I looked in the drawer and we only had duct-tape. Amos was due home any minute. I remembered some fantastic, crafty blogger out there who had wrapped all the Christmas gifts with paper grocery bags. Eureka! I was going to show create beautiful wrapped presents while saving the planet. Goooooooooo me!

Except my brown bag wrapping job looked like crap. It looked like an intoxicated 5-year old wrapped it.

Amos was due home in T-minus 3 minutes...

Mother Eff. My back was up against the wall. Panicked, I decided it was time to embrace the siutation. I needed to wrap my hands around the fact that I am not yet the type of person who stocks their house with wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, or even sharp sicssors. I began a staring contest with my abominably wrapped present. I waited for inspiration to hit.

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. Slowly, I started to unroll the duct tape. Unroll lots of it.

I made a duct tape bow to compliment my paper bag wrapping paper.

You know what? It kind of looked cool.

I also got balloons, broke out the Mud Slinger beer, and ordered the meaty-est meat pizza there is, just to really get the party started.

Score: Suzy homemaker is up by one.


  1. Ha! I love it! I don't keep a lot of wrapping paper around, either. One year I wrapped all my Christmas presents in construction plans, since I worked for a contractor at the time. It actually looked really fun! And I colored in some of the parts with crayon :-)

  2. brilliant! go you. that's great!

  3. Completely love this. Plan on doing this for someone and claiming the idea as my own. Thank you very much! :)

  4. That looks awesome!! Love the bow. We totally rock the brithweek around here too, there is really no other way to do it!!

  5. It looks totally cool! Very impressed! Definitely looks intentional - and even if it hadn't, surely the beer and meat pizza did the trick :)

    PS: I definitely just typed 'bear' instead of 'beer', if you had gotten him a bear it would have been even cooler, albeit dangerous and hard to wrap.


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