17 April 2010

meet nikki.

My blogging friends, I want to make an introduction. to Nicole, but you can call her Nikki. She is an Artist, capital A.

Nikki and I went to high school together, and I only have fond, fun memories of her. Back in the day, it was obvious that Nikki was blessed with some mad talent. Authentic talent. Talent which she has honed over years. She is now prepared to take the world by storm.

Our paths have crossed a couple times in the years since GJHS (go Tigers!), and I'm so excited to find out that Nikki has launched her website: Nicole Arcieri Design

Check it out. It's pretty amazing, and it also has all her contact info in case you or your loved ones are in some need of art in your life, which I (obvs) highly recommend.


makes me feel all good inside when i see cool people doing cool things.


  1. Her stuff is really cool! I think the piano recital poster is my favorite. And the wrecking ball coffee roasters. Looking at her stuff you just know she is going to hit the big time!

  2. wow what interesting art! can't stop staring at that first piece...it's just so beautiful!


    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. I like her stuff. I'll definitely check out her website. Thanks for sharing.


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