24 April 2010

not the gold-medal winner of blog posts.

I'm sorry. Maybe I should start there. I meant to have a wonderful post for you today. A good one: slightly funny, a bit self-depreciating, a tad hopeful - you know, my shtick*. I especially wanted to have it for you today since my posts have been every other day instead of every day. I feel committed to providing excellence for you. I hope you know that this - a crappy, photo heavy post - hurts me as much as it hurts you. Just know that.

See, my mom is coming to visit me on Sunday and I'm SO  excited I can't really focus on much else. I was going to write about it, but I couldn't find a picture of a happy kid for inspiration.On an especially disturbing note, why is it when I google "happy kid" I get a picture of Michael Jackson?

You know what, I don't want an answer to that question.

Long story short, I lost all inspiration for a "My Mom Is Visiting, Yea!" post. You understand.

I've been thinking of what in my life would be good fodder for a post. My bad bang day? Meh. Um... my drippy faucet that finally got fixed? Wah. How much I like Sugar in the Raw? Well, that may work, but I don't have the energy to make it work today. Sigh.


So here it is. A crappy, picture heavy post of things I found while searching for inspiration. Until next week, when I promise to get my sh*t together.

i wish my hair looked like that. my bangs are all sorts of wonky today.

 wah, wah - what a cute little monster. 

There wasn't any theme or anything to those photos and they are all from one source. For a minute, I thought this dark horse of a post was going to make it. Nope. Dah. Stopping. See you Monday.

*um, how great of a word is shtick?
** stop reading. This shiznit isn't getting any better.


  1. Knock it off. This post is cute. It's an inside to your mind - we all have days like these. Plus, who doesn't love looking at really cute and cool pictures!? I know I do.

  2. Well, this dark horse of a post made me laugh so I'd say it made it =)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Hey, i just have to tell you I really enjoy reading your blog. Even unplanned you manage to be witty, and even insightful. I love the pictures too. Have fun with your mom this weekend!

  4. Oh man love that little kid in the monster outfit. Actually I might just love the monster outfit. I think I will go into my last day of work with that monster outfit on just to see how people react. I'll just be like, what? What are you looking at?

  5. I love schtick! But I hate it when people say "oh schnap". copycats!


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