09 April 2010

things that would UP my class factor

i've gotten myself into a bit of a dilemma. it's nothing new, really. it's been a bit of a problem my entire life.

um, i like expensive things. 

 it's a bit of a talent, really. i can walk into a store and WHAMO, pick out the most spendy thing in the store. it's not like i have a radar for glitzy either. too bad this talent of mine doesn't make me any money... rather, it ends up costing me a pretty penny.

i try to lock up my spending habits and stick to low quantity, high quality sort of wares. Nice basics, especially while i'm renting. i figure the time for expensive things is when i own a place. and with the price of seattle real estate, that's going to be when i'm 55.

until then, i'm contenting myself with delicious, detailed, vivid fantasies. here are my latest obsessions, mainly centered around chairs, tables, and kitchens. (i'm sensing that i may need to have some friends over for dinner this weekend. my thoughts are all centered on food, sitting, and room for company...)

Barcelona chairs, to slip into with a glass of wine and good conversation

Philippe Stark ghost dining room chairs with a heavy wood table, classic shape with a twist

Eames rocking chairs, meant to sit in a sunny window and enjoy morning coffee

industrial chandeliers over a big table for loads of company

well, these pretty much speak for themselves...

is the weekend here yet?


  1. I think that there's reason to your likings of expensive items. I mean, look at all things heirloom - there's a reason that old antiques have been loved and have lasted as long as they did, they're usually quality. And I see nothing wrong with that! A long time ago I decided I'd stop buying "cheap" things (clothes, kitchen supplies, furniture) because they probably wouldn't last to my grandkids, not to mention I'd have to re-buy the item when it breaks, rips, whatever. It makes sense to me, logically, and not frivolously.

    (tho, my education is in furniture and product design, so i'm probably biased) :)

    and yes, closet spaces are neat! after i posted that entry i converted my bedroom closet into a workbench of sorts. It was really neat, but then I got an actual room to use as a studio, so now it's back to a plain old closet :)

  2. I love that big wooden dining table. I've been thinking about chairs and tables lately too. I would definitely rather wait until I could afford a quality item vs. getting something I knew looked cheap but was practical.

  3. Hello! Just found your blog and thought i'd say hi.... I loved this post :) I like expensive things too - even when i think i'm going for the nice, straightforward, simple one... it turns out to be *so* nice and straightforward and simple that it's actually the most expensive of all. Hm. I absolutely love the chandeliers you've posted, and I really want an Eames rocking chair - I didn't even know they existed!

  4. Love all the photos, pretty much want one of everything, of course!
    I'm so with you on the expensive things radar. My mom and I both have it (so I guess it's genetic), walk into any store selling anything and the one item that I honestly like best is the most expensive! Even if it is the most unassuming item in the bunch, it will be the one with the biggest sticker. It has been a joke in my family for decades.

    Oh and I'll let you in on a secret, as long as you can afford it (as in no going into debt over stuff, obvs) get the things you love even while you are renting. Maybe I should say especially while you are renting. Because once you own your funds will be tied up into the most unglamorous things, like mortgage and the water heater, and the leaky roof, etc. Just don't buy a really large sofa that fits your rental because it may OWN your entire living room once you move. I know of which I speak, unfortunately.


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