13 April 2010


have you all heard the term before? i certainly hadn't until (the always fantastic) etsy introduced me to it. it's like recycle, except you bring the said object up a level, make it a bit classier... i think. to make sure, i looked it up on wikipedia (what did people do before such a thing existed?)

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

Brilliant. Look at these charming, creative, and darn crafty upcycled things.

i am in awe of these people.


  1. This is awesome! I love what people will come up with. The light bulb beta fish and the sail messenger bag need to materialize in my house right now. Love it!!

  2. i looooove that light bulb fish tank! so cute!


  3. Ha, I used the word upcycled today, actually, and had to pause and make sure I was using it correctly :)
    (that knob bottle stopper is fantastic!)

  4. lol oh my god that Beta must be so pissed that he is totally locked in that tiny lightbulb. I mean it looks cool but that poor little guy! Set me free!


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