11 May 2010

do not attempt before coffee

There are certain life lessons that I'm sure I should have picked up by now. One of the biggest ones: do not attempt much of anything before coffee on a Monday morning. Especially a rainy Monday morning after a long sunny weekend. Seriously, I hit the alarm for an hour and a half this morning (I wish I was joking). I could not open my eyes and kept rolling over and having really weird dreams, including one where Amos and I tried to put on as many sweatshirts as possible (Told you it was weird).

Anyway, I made the bed, put away dishes, opened up the curtains, and took a shower all without coffee this morning. Why? No idea. It came back to bite me though. My theory is you only have so much brain functioning ability that early (ok, not that early... it was almost 8 at this time) and I had spent all of it. Whittled it away. And when I tried to open up my delicious Trader Joe's half-n-half to add to my morning cup of joe, well....

Gaw - opened it up on the wrong fricking end. Boo.

I should have learned my lesson by now. I will have to add "opening containers" to my list of things to do only after coffee. Also on that list: tweezing eyebrows. That was a rough morning. Told you I should have learned this lesson already.

PS - spell check doesn't recognize tweezing? For real?


  1. Yeah I can't open those containers without tearing or making a mess anyway. And what is it about Mondays? I'm always the most tired on Monday mornings, either it is a psychological thing, or the fact that we try to cram every errand and activity of a whole week into two days that does it. A bit of both probably.

  2. haha So true! I am afraid I too am one of those people who says things like "Don't talk to me, I haven't had my coffee yet". Doesn't Trader Joe's know we need screw off caps!?


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