27 May 2010

growing up. made tangible.

during this weekend's window film debacle, i windexed my bedroom windows... for the first time since I lived here. I've been here over 2 years. Honestly, and I'm saying this as a very clean person, it hadn't crossed my mind to windex them. I haven't ever lived in a place this long, so I always let the move-in / move-out clean be enough. This was my first time I needed a maintenance clean of the ol' winodws. So I did it. And you want to know what? They looked freaking fantastic. All the dingyness - gone! Here I was, thinking Seattle is all gray and depressing, but it's actually just my windows. Sorry Sea-town.

I've now added "clean windows" to "things that constitute a clean house" checklist. And for all you older/wiser folks out there: this is what it is to be in your 20s.... "Ooohh, i should clean the windows? Gotcha."


  1. Oh yeah, we clean our windows about once a year. It just not something I think about until there is visible dirt happening, and it actually takes quite a long time to really "see" the dirt. Same with floors. My mother would be scandalized if she knew how seldom we vacuum.

  2. This weekend we cleaned our windows for the first time since we moved in - in October 2007!

  3. I should do this. On Tuesday night, we deep cleaned our bedroom because I swear I smelled garbage in the morning and I wasn't going to stand for it. There was no garbage in there besides tags from clothes and such so I am still baffled by the smell. Does dust smell that way? Anyway, clean bedding, febreezed curtains (lazy), mopped floor, dusted furniture, etc. was all accomplished that night whether the boy liked it or not. And it feels good to be in there now. Aah, the transitioning from young to adult. Gotta love it!

  4. Yeah, it's amazing the things we learn as we grow up. I remember the birthday when I asked my mum for a VACUUM CLEANER and was SO excited when she gave me one!

    Are you still planning on putting the window film on at some point?

    I can't BELIEVE you were in the balcony at Tucker and Dale!!! Where exactly were you sitting? We were in the second row, right in the middle...so weird!

  5. Ohmygod, I love cleaning windows, I'm not lying. It's like, my passion. I clean those effers like once a month, and I swear, it makes a WORLD of difference.


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