20 May 2010

out i say.

Dear persistent coffee spot on my kitchen counter,

I must admit that I admire your tenacity. You show up, every day,without fail. It's rather admirable, really. Sometime between my sleepy coffee-making routine and lunch time scavenger hunt, you appear. I have no idea how, exactly, you get there, and it doesn't seem to dampen your spirit that I wipe you away with a scant flick of my wrist. Does my coffee pot leak when I pour? Do I really spill that much? Is it a result of my putting cream and sugar in my cup and removing the spoon? Ah - so many questions, little spot, and so few answers.

You tricksy mixy. I'll figure you out one of these days. I'll beat you at your game.

Until then, see you tomorrow.

Sarah, Resident Coffee Maker

oh yea, I just made up the phrase 'tricksy mixy.' It's okay cause I'm a blogger.


  1. You are silly - I love it!

  2. So funny! We had a spot like that, and it would stain the counter even after wiping and drove us absolutely nuts. Now we set the spoon on a little saucer and all is well.

  3. You are so funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. haha, I feel your pain. I hate those random coffee spots or any spots for that matter on my counter.

  5. This made me laugh out loud! I have a feeling that sucker just waits until you turn around and BAM....there he is. One day you will figure him out for sure ;)

  6. Anonymous22 May, 2010

    There is one of these in my kitchen, and my husband is definitely responsible! I even bought one of those little spoon rest things and he manages to lay the spoon RIGHT NEXT to it, still staining the counter. I'm sure he does it on purpose ...

    PS. Glad I made you happy with the bloggy linkage!

  7. Every morning! Me too! Though I know its because my machine is failing me and starting to spill when I pour. I need a new coffee pot like a fish needs water!

  8. If you convince your coffee spot to stop visiting, could you also call the toothpaste fairy and ask her to stop visiting my mirrors? Glad to know I'm not alone in these mystery stains!


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