12 May 2010

peace out peeps.

I'm out the rest of the week - have to take a business trip up to Canad-ia. You understand. I'll be back to the states, and blogland, next week.

I'm not going to lie, it'll be a bit of a much needed break. A couple things have picked up at work and I need to focus and get some sh*t done. And... it's beginning to be sunny, so my precious free moments are being spent outside where my pasty white skin can absorb some Vitamin D. Yes, it's true that sitting in the sun, drinking beer on a patio is done in the name of my health. I'm in discussion with my insurer to see if I can use my flex benefits on my tab. Seems only fair.

Sidenote #1: I bought orange polka-dotted sunglasses from a thrift store in Portland. They have improved my life immensely.

Sidenote #2: That picture was me working in a sweatshirt and boxers, while telling Amos to please not take a picture of me. I'm pretty. Check it.

God, this is a random and sub-par post. I'm still uploading it so you guys can really see how badly I need a break. See you Monday.


  1. A) Your red table and sunflowers make me very happy.

    B) That picture of Vancouver is incredible. It is such a beautiful city, both architecturally and geographically.

    Have a great trip! I expect pictures! :-D

  2. Once again a post you think is subpar has made me laugh, and anything that makes me laugh gets an A+! Can't wait until it gets a little warmer here so we can start enjoying some grilled meat and beer on the deck. Protein, Vitamin D, and (fun fact) beer is full of B Vitamins and Folate. Yup. We are VERY serious about our health =)
    Have a great time on your trip!!!

  3. Oooh, have fun! I need a break too. So badly. And congrats on your life-improving sunglasses. I need a pair of those! Enjoy your vitamin D and good luck w/your insurer.

  4. I was just tryinbg to figure those shorts out... Enjoy Vancouver! Let's get some sun and beer when you get back (on you're insurance's tab of course :)

  5. soft soled - they are loony tunes boxers. am i cool or WHAT?!?!

  6. haha I don't care that it is random. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who does her best work in boxers :)

  7. Have a good trip!
    Yay for sweet thrift store finds!


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