02 June 2010

the day after.

it rained in the rain forest. i prepared for that. i did not, however, prepare for the sheer amount of mud. everywhere. now there are muddy clothes to be washed, a muddy tent that needs to be dried out, a soppy down jacket to be cleaned, and a muddy pile of cookware in the sink. and that's just the stuff we've unloaded from the car. oh, and i have to go into an office today. yup - big day.

so posting will resume tomorrow. i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend, and until you get a good solid read tomorrow, please content yourself with some lovely, random photos. because i'm not going to leave you stuck at work on a Tuesday morning with nothing to look at. (Remember, I got your back, my cubicle buddies.)

i wonder if i would even notice their little faces before i popped them in my mouth?

you know those pictures that capture a mood not a scene? this is one of them.

i really, really, really hate the phrase lol. i will type out "that made me laugh out loud" all because i hate it so much.

what a clever cover. i have yet to see the movie or the book, but this makes me want to read it.

bikes doing it. always funny.


  1. Thanks for the content to look at. I totally appreciate it! I like the bikes doing it. And the mood picture, I love images like that. And I abolutely hate 'lol'. I always say haha or that made me laugh really loud. I'm right there with you. Good luck with your mud situation! Hope you at least had fun :)

  2. Yeah mud is one of the reasons I'm not very outdoorsy. My mom used to tease me that the only outdoor things I liked doing involved getting cleaner instead of dirtier, like swimming. Hope the clean up is relatively painless. Love the bike print, too cute!

  3. Anonymous02 June, 2010

    Oh, good, because I absolutely hate internet jargon as well. What the hell is pwned? Teh looks dumb. Omg reminds me of OMD, that How Bizarre band. And substituting numbers for words is just stupid.

    One word of caution (many, rather): I watched Benjamin Button about 4 months ago, and every day since I have literally thought about death. It's actually getting really tiresome, because I'll not be able to fall asleep for hours with death on the brain. I'm not exaggerating - I've always been afraid of it, and thusly tried to never think of it. But now it's unavoidable, and I totally blame BB. Damn you, Brad Pitt. Ugh.

  4. Bummer about the mud! Yeah, it was pretty miserable round these parts. At least the sun came out for half the day yesterday - we take what we can get :) xo

  5. Captures a mood not a scene. I love that. I love it.

  6. Those tic tacs are funny, I'm not sure I would notice the faces either.


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