02 June 2010

how to be Awesome.

now, my friends, many of you are probably at your computer right now, thinking, "Man, this Sarah girl is awesome. I wish I could be as awesome as her." Well, don't worry, mis amigos! I am here to tell you that, in fact, following a few simple steps, you can indeed be as awesome as me.

First of all, please make an apointment to cut you-self some bangs. Not light bangs, mind you, but some serious, heavy-duty / Zooey-Deschanel-esque / haven't-rocked-them-like-this-since-you-were-6-years-old-Bangs. Like So:

Now that you have some bangs, try and pull yourself away from the mirror (trust me, you look Awesome) and head to an Estate Sale. Now, you may think to yourself that no one cool goes to an estate sale, and you would be wrong. Trendsetters go to Estate Sales, where we swoop in and grab retro-hip glassware. Bring your game face... you may have to elbow an old woman or two to get those 1960s champagne coupes marked down to $5 for 8. But it will be worth it in the end. Your champagne coupes will be the envy of the Indie Scene (though you'll pretend not to notice how hip you are). Pair them with those crystal bowls you picked up for $4. MAN, you are one classy beast. Think of the dinner parties you can host, whipping up all sorts of delicious fare (read: probably something from Orangette).

Now, returning to your old bungalow apartment, prop your feet up on the coffee table, open up a Sessions dark lager, pause to call your Mom to chat, and then toast yourself for a day well done being Awesome, or as I like to call it, my last Friday night.*

*these types of blog posts are what I come up with when I backpack 21 miles in a weekend with too much time to think and get a kick out of how freaking funny I am.


  1. You are in possession of exactly the type of coupe I've been searching high and low for and I am so jealous you can probably feel it through your monitor!! And you are right, all the cool stuff is at estate sales, the last house item I was truly psyched about were the vintage martini glasses we bought at an estate sale. But I let my husband do the elbowing.
    Hope you are enjoying the new bangs, I'm sure you look drop dead gorgeous!!

  2. Anonymous03 June, 2010

    bahahaah. ha. ha.
    in all seriousness, though, my bangs are currently a mess, must schedule date with scissors :)

  3. Your are both awesome and freaking funny. Let's see a photo of the new bangs! (The British love our term "bangs"... They find it both amusing and alluring. My British friends do, at any rate.) Oh, also: maybe add "backpack 21 miles" to your awesomeness list?

  4. Anonymous05 June, 2010

    Ha ha, you are funny! And so is the word 'bangs', Breenuh is absolutely right! Over here we call it a fringe, and I have to say, I absolutely love mine and think it makes me look awesome!!


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