15 July 2010

dancing queen

you know how when you come home from vacation and look at your work email and it's totally overwhelming and sucky and you wish you were independently wealthy and never had to work and could backback and take ferries and be on permanent vacation?

yea, i felt like that tuesday.

you know how when you come home from vacation and the first two days are so effing long that you totally forgot you ever left and when you look at pictures it seems like you took off years and years ago?

yup, that's today.

thank goodness celia posts things like this to make me laugh. 1,2, cha cha cha!


  1. Hello, adorable dancing bear!

    God, coming back from vacation is the WORST. I always need a vacation after I come back from vacation. Ugh!

  2. Yup I know both of those days quite well. Blech. Love the bear, needed him today. And you know he is right, dancing it out is the only remedy for the post vacation, the real world is sucky feeling!


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