02 July 2010

holy f*cking sh*t

i'm so sorry, other blogs. i don't know what happened. 741 unread entries. and i know what it takes to write one of those things. the agony of stringing together letters. into words. into sentences. making the sentences coherent. the heat of the laptop on your lap when your partner has been in bed hours upon hours ago (not that i'm bitter). all this effort, just so you can send your voice out into the universe and hope it gets read. i get it. i promise to get my shit together and read you all soon. i blame summer. it makes me act all sorts of inconsiderate.

please still read my blog. i mean, i will still read yours even if you are mad and don't want to read Jackson anymore. but please do. i know that my google analytics are too tied to my self-esteem to be healthy, but i can't break the habit now.


  1. Mmm-hmmm, you made me snort laugh. You win. =)

  2. I know how you feel. Sometimes your blog feed can just get away from you. Don't worry- we're still reading :.)

  3. Anonymous03 July, 2010

    Hahahah! Excellent. I remember when I got back from LA and had over 1000 blogs to read, oh! it took days, and I hated the fact that I ever got into blogging. Which is why I've cut down, as bad as I feel about it, but I don't want to be stressed doing something I actually like :)

  4. Oh man Google reader is the worst for that. It's so good at making you feel so bad about yourself for not having read. I mean just cut me some slack google reader, I have been busy OK? Jeez, back off!

  5. I definitely subscribe to too many blogs... I regularly have over 500 to read. Yikes!


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