20 July 2010

what to do when you're not writing a blog post:

1. Check Facebook. A billion times. Judge people who post too many status updates as people who need to get a friggin' life. (Remain oblivious to any hypocrisy of this judgment.)

2. Read the latest Dan Savage article. Then go to the archives and read the 10 years of Savage Love. (I made it from 1999 to 2003.)

3. Read the book The Gift of Asher Lev. The entire thing.

4. Attend an open house of a fantastic apartment, even though you are not in the market to buy and even if you were, there is no way you could afford it. lie to the agent when she asks, Why yes, I'm just beginning my search. The interest rates are amazing right now, aren't they?!

5. Finish the first season of Mad Men. Then go see Inception. Then watch a couple episodes of Better off Ted.  Tell yourself it's okay that you watched that much televisions/movies since they are all well done. It could have been worse: It's not like you watched several hours of Say Yes to the Dress (not that I haven't before. That show is like crack - terrible and highly addictive.)

Gesh, no wonder I'm dreading Monday and feeling terribly behind the ball: no blog post, a lot of dirty dishes, and not a lot of clean clothes. I would care, but I'm still watching Better Off Ted.


  1. Refreshng post my friend! I always enjoy reading every last word :)

  2. I've been having the same kind of Monday. It's a beautiful day here and I'm so tired and stressed I'm not good for anything but movie watching.

  3. Oh my god I love Dan Savage.

    How was Inception?

    I love deceiving real estate agents when I walk through way-out-of-my-price-range open houses :-)

  4. mmm your life sounds like mine. Except instead of Better off Ted I'm watching How I Met Your Mother. Kind of incredible, I think you might need to start in on that when you're done with Ted.

  5. Anonymous21 July, 2010

    oooo, my crack show is definitely I Didn't Know I was Pregnant. Have you SEEN this nonsense? These bitches have no idea they're pregnant until a baby falls out of them 9 months later!
    Don't worry, this post was like my Sunday and Monday (instead of Mad Men, though, I watched every single episode of Mr. Bean, plus the movie Into The Wild, plus a plethora of Cooking Channel shows), and today I'm hustling. We all go through it :)

  6. facebook - a billion freaking times. seriously. i don't blame my friends who have abandoned my on the facebook. its the way to go.

    mad men! yee haw.

    i love melina's description of her favorite crack show. i might check it out... kinda is related to mad men too!! :)

  7. I have Season 2 AND 3 of Mad Men. Another reason for you to come visit?


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