26 August 2010

bee happy.

i'm not really posting today, so there's not much for you to read here. Instead, go read this funny article by Samatha Bee (of the Daily Show) about Being Hugely Pregnant.* Or this one where she and her husband talk about not getting divorced. The woman is funny. I kind of want to be her when I grow up... you know, minus the always pregnant bit.

*If you are in Seattle, get off your f*cking computer and go enjoy the gorgeous summer weather. Seriously.


  1. I adore Sam Bee!! Thank you for sharing these articles.

  2. She is hilarious! Loved both articles. Though her description of pregnancy makes me never want to be pregnant, EVER. Good lord. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you really could order a baby from a stork? In my mind it honestly doesn't sound any more absurd than a little human busting out from inside another human, I mean really. I've seen Alien and it was frickin' scary.


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