10 August 2010

Doing Dishes with the Amos.

Upon realizing that stacking bowls on top of bowls in an elevated dish rack is a bad idea, he says:

I'm in quite a predicament.

Gaw, with lines like that, I'd keep him around even if he wasn't so good looking.


  1. Too cute. Husband says stuff to that effect a lot too, it is definitely toward the top of the list of things I like about him. =)

  2. Hahaha. Life is more enjoyable with someone amusing around.

    The other day, my best friend said to me, "Boys do silly things." She then went on to explain how her fiance (who she just moved in with) took clothes out of the laundry, put them on the floor, and went to watch some TV. At least you both can laugh about it ;.)


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