18 August 2010

Snap, son.

I may be late to the party on the celebration of Prop 8 in the United States district court, but I was rewatching these interviews of the attorneys -- including Ted Olson on Fox (!) -- and I had to share. Snap, son. That is how you win a damn court case.

Ted Olson with Chris Matthews on Fox News

"You don't get to vote on the Bill of Rights."
Conservative lawyer Ted Olson destroys above Chris Matthews on Fox.

David Boies on Face the Nation

"The witness stand is a lonely place to lie."
Best. Line. Ever. Said by David Doies on Face the Nation.


  1. "I'm sorry, did I interrupt you?" Haha.

    Ted Olson is a pro. I'm very impressed.

  2. agreed, best. line. ever.

    Here's hoping they win the appeal and people can start getting married.


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