26 October 2010

getting old-a.

went to see Mumford & Sons last night. Very fun. However, on the way to the concert, I found myself thinking something along these lines:

Have they always had concerts on Sunday nights? How can people do this on weeknights? I wish they started at 7:30 and just skipped the opening band, that way I could get home at a reasonable time.

Then I started counting how many hours it would take if the band went on at 9 and what time that would put me back in my (very) comfy bed. Geesh. Who knew that aging creeps up like this? Next thing you know, I'll be rocking a purple sweatsuit, a cane, and nun shoes*. Or I'll be in a miniskirt and heavy eyeliner, trying to reclaim my youth.

Stand by for which one wins out.

* Nun Shoes = one color (navy or beige), orthopedic shoes that were favored by nuns at my Catholic grade school. Or actually any nun I've ever met.


  1. I love it when you write a blog post! I've had the same emotions over the past couple of years. I went from seeing shows several times a week to seeing shows several times a month to seeing shows several times a year. What gives? I used to be a music junkie. My husband was in a band and loves to play the guitar yet neither one of us care to go out and see shows these days because...we're old. Funny how one day it's just like BOOM! I'm old! Crap! Oh well, at least we still look good, right?

  2. Oh yes. So familiar with that oldster feeling. It's getting bad around here, we're even watching Saturday Night Live taped on Sunday mornings now. Now that's old.

  3. I just discovered Mumford & Sons about a month ago. Love them!

    On another note, I totally know what you mean. I often think, "I could go out with my friends... orrr I could sit with some tea and a book." I usually opt for meeting up with friends, but it's a tough decision!

  4. You have no idea how comfortable 'nun' shoes really are : -)

  5. Ugh, I hear you. Same same for lil old me here. I went to a concert while in NYC for CMJ, and it was at 5pm and I was beyond delighted with how sensible they were being.


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