17 December 2010

a broken clock is right 2x a day. or whatever.

I used to make fun of my mother for certain things: stretching in public, her dance moves while cooking, wearing workout clothes hours after she had left the gym, and, let's not forget, her snowman mug. It was a large mug (some people might call it a bowl) and it was a Christmas gift from my sister years before. It was delightfully cheerful: perfectly winter-y and Christmas-y. My mother drank out of it year round. Including July. In my tween years, it was mortifying.

Now that we are in the winter-y, Christmas-y season, and now that my tween years are far, far behind me (thank Jesus), I have to confess: I have 2 Christmas mugs, one with a snowman and one with a pengiun. Amos brought them both into the relationship. I think they were Momma Amos' at one point. Regardless, they ended up in my cupboard. And I love them. Yes, even in July. But now that it's December, I can just nod and smile when I am drinking coffee and Amos comes into the kitchen and comments how festive and Christmas-y I am this morning.

I am my mother's daughter - what can I say? Though I'm drawing the line at public stretching. For now.


  1. My brother, sister-in-law, boyfriend and boyfriend's mom were at my mum's house this past weekend. I was fixing tea for everyone and got out some mugs. My mum came into the kitchen and saw what I was doing and freaked out. I wasn't using Christmas mugs! She made me dump out the hot water and remake the tea in festive Christmas mugs :-)

  2. This is the hardest part of being an adult I think. Realizing that you are your mothers daughter. I keep adding an s to things that don't have an s at the end. It's embarrassing and in my tween years, nothing could grind my gears quite like hearing her say Paneras. I keep saying NBA Jams, not NBA Jam and my husband keeps correcting me every time like he is annoyed by it. CRAP!


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