26 February 2011

there and back.

Caye Caulker
the most tan i will ever be.
loves. sorry i took off like that. did i not mention that i was going to belize for a couple weeks? oops. well, i went to belize for a couple, er, 13 days. it was heavenly.
 we saw jaguars and howler monkeys in a rehabilitation zoo, we slept in forest cabanas, and explored a sacred mayan cave where they performed blood and human sacrifice. we postponed kayaking and snorkeling to instead sit through a giant 4 day rainstorm while on the south cayes (i called it a monsoon, but i do have a penchant for the drama). we rafted down the moho river and camped in the jungle, stopping along to be introduced to our guide's mayan villiage. we had lunch there, under a thatched roof, and it was delicious. we finally hit sun when we returned to the north cayes. i snorkled with a nurse shark and manta and eagle rays and a turtle. the snarks were small. the rays and turtle were decidedly not.
Enjoying Belizian beer, Belikin

Tobacco Caye

Moho River, on an inflatable kayak.

Moho River is super clear but tinted green.

Bit Windy on Glover Reef Atoll (South Caye).

Exploring the ATM Cave.

Looking all professional and shit.

Mayan human sacrifice, the only woman to be found in the ATM cave. Mayans believed all caves were sacred, being the birthplace of humans and the closest one could get to the gods.

Belize Zoo.

ah, yes. did i mention it was lovely? it was.

but. on the 12th day of our vacation, as i was ordering a cup of coffee at the delightful amor y cafe on caye caulker, i realized that i was ready to return. belize time is wonderful, do not mistake me. however, loves, i was ready to order a cup of coffee and have it come faster than the 45 minute wait, a wait that belizians did not seem to think was a big deal. i mean, (not to be dramatic here) it's my morning cup of coffee. do you know how happy that makes me? too often - and i can't believe i'm really confessing this - telling myself i get to drink a cup of coffee is how i drag my butt out of bed. and by too often, i mean every day. coffee, or the thought of it, gets me out of bed in the morning. not to complain about belize, but i was ready to return to a place that understood this. home was calling me.

My cup of coffee at Big Falls, so don't feel too bad for me.
too bad when i returned, the place was covered in snow.

come on pnw. really?

so now i'm back. i brushed my hair for the first time in two weeks (don't judge; i did run my fingers through it on a fairly consistent basis when i showered. so. there.) i wore a regular bra instead of a sports bra or swim suit. i had a great cup of coffee. i think i might be okay with being back.

 might be.


  1. Gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to Belize. The mother of one of my best friends retired in Belize a few years ago, and my friend and her now husband got married there. So lovely!

    Welcome home :-)

  2. i never brush my hair. Belize looks heavenly.. so many glorious places to visit.

  3. Who's got to opposable thumbs and is extremely jealous of your awesome trip? This girl.

  4. Sar! I love the pictures. You and Mamos are so darling. I will confess I don't read this on a consistent basis, but then it is a nice treat because I get to read so many posts at one time - lovely treat!


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