17 February 2012

happy friday

Happy Friday, y'all. Since I'm across the international date line and most of you are back in the Western Hemisphere, I get to experience it half a day before you. Take it from me: Friday is coming your way, and it is just what the doctor ordered.

Amos and I are headed to Kyoto this weekend for a little adventuring. It'll be our first time on the Shinkansen (the Japanese bullet trains). I'm so excited; I've heard they are smooth and quiet and quite the way to travel. We'll be staying in a traditional Japanese style hotel room, and I'm already made a list of temples and sights I'd like to see (not to mention food I want to eat and tea I want to drink).

In my mind, we'll look something like this when we travel across Asia:

Truth be told, we'll probably look something more like this:

Bawh! Happy Friday.

Photo 1 Source
Photo 2 Source

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