02 March 2012

Ladies Who Ski

In Japan, there is quite the culture of "Ladies Who Lunch." Many women stay home with their kids after marriage, and, as such, Lady Specials abound.

This week, I found the jackpot: Ladies' Ski Day. It's quite a deal: You pay ¥1,000 for the day (about $12), but that is refundable when you return the ski key card. Yes, it's literally free.

A few friends and I headed up to Dynaland, an area about two hours away. There are tons of small resorts within a couple hours of Nagoya, in an area called Gifu. Nothing amazing, but fun, little hills you can ski in a day.

Add some snow, some sunshine, a McDonalds' breakfast sandwich (don't judge! nothing else is open before 7 in Japan!), and a tempura lunch and this was a lady special I could get behind.

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