11 April 2012

Call me a money spending machine.

My 3 class trial membership to Yoga expired, so I opted to buy a 4-class punch card. I had a reasonableish idea of what it would cost.... or so I thought.

I was somehow quite off base. It ended up being a crisp ¥10,000. 

That's $30 per class.

"Are you effing kidding me?!" has not been covered in my Japanese lessons so far, so I was pretty much stuck. I signed the papers; I am now a member of the yoga studio.

I sent a text to Amos as I left the studio.

Granted, I had told him that I was going to spend the ¥10,000 on other things. Things like groceries.

I would normally be so pissed at myself.  For some reason, today, I cannot stop laughing. I laughed until I cried. I am laughing as I write this.

Japan, you won this round. For real.


  1. Oh man, they had better be magical yoga classes that teach me to make my own gold and drop 10lbs per class at that price!

    1. I'll report back once I take 'em. Making my own gold would be kinda nice. I'd pay $30/class for that, for sure.


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