03 May 2012

April 2012 :: a wrap-up

I was going to do a photo wrap up at the end of every month. Just ignore that this is posted May 3rd, not April 30th. Also ignore the fact that I didn't do one for February. I realize that I'm batting about 50% here, but I'm moving forward. (Also, will someone please explain batting percentages to me? Just kidding; I remembered that I don't care).

We're a couple days shy of 3 months in, and it's going pretty well. On one hand, it feels old hat to live in Nagoya, like we've been here much longer then a couple months. On the other hand, I don't yet know how to count above 20, so we have a long way to go. Japan is a wonderful, easy, safe, special country to live in. I'm so happy we moved here. I remind myself of that fact about 15 times a day, as I am also in my first bought of homesickness. My emotions change constantly. When Mike will say something rational (i.e. "Sar, it's 11PM. I'm going to head to bed"), I'll usually end up in tears (i.e. "Why do you never want to hang out with me?! Do you not love me?!"). It's super fun.

I'll write about homesickness later. You know, when I'm not in it. (You get that, right?)

Anyway, photos! April was a good month.

Samurai Warriors... obvi
For the record, I told Amos to take off the sunglasses. (For the record, I was right).
Little Sunday afternoon Hanami
The wind is KILLING my geranium.
Now a fork is holding it up. No shame.
FAIL on wrapping Amos' birthday gift.
Enjoying the spring weather (and Hawaiian food). 
Eating an egg teriyaki hamburger at Freshness Burger.
Hiking in Japan.
I fell in love with these old(er) Japanese hikers. Fell hard. 
The gondola down. Kawaii!!
Enjoying some Washington State birthday wine. Oh, hello, Whidbey Island
Japanese birthday candles. I was a bit obsessed with them.
Studying Japanese on the sunny balcony. Please excuse the slowly dying geranium.
Love it.
Amos making his famous Chicken Adobo
Post Adobo, watching The Wire.
I moved the geranium inside after it lost another battle to the wind.  
American Bar Urban Cowboy. Of course we went in.
Lily made friends with another green bike. 
Taking a photo of pants is really hard. 
The Japanese trash system does NOT mess around.
Belgium Beer Festival. 
I broke my glass five minutes after arriving.
But you aren't surprised by that, are you?  We know each other so well.


  1. Great photos! I love your blog!

  2. Those candles are wild! and what kind of cake are they in?? Also that first photo- aaaamazing. Please tell me you have that hanging somewhere in your house.


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