02 May 2012

Turning Japanese :: Robo Vac & Bento

The newest updates in the Amos household:

Let's be clear here. I wanted a dog. Amos brought home a robo-vaccuum. 
He's trying to convince me they are basically the same thing.

The robo cleans up crumbs, kind of, and it is always underfoot and running into walls. 

Amos might be right on this one.

I took my first stab at making a bento lunch for Amos. Through an unlucky combination of coconut flour and sunflower oil (I improvised!), the homemade chicken nuggets were kind of (really) burned.  

Amos convincingly said he would eat them anyway, and he was sure they'd be delicious. 

He is a very nice liar. (I appreciate it.)

It being Golden Week and all, the cafeteria at his work is closed, so his back is pretty much up against the wall. I hope the broccoli compensates?


  1. What is Golden Week? and are you really going to get a dog?? pleasepleasepleaseplease

    1. Golden Week is a week long national holiday, which means everyone in Japan is off of work... except for Amos and his work. WAH. WAH.

      I WISH we were going to get a dog - our apartment doesn't allow them, and the quarantine process to return back to the States is muy expensivo. (Look at those Spanish skills. Bam!). So I've taken to talking to the robot like he is a dog and Amos told me to put a tail on it and call it good. (I might need to work on getting more social interaction if I'm settling for a vacuum for company).

      And the minute we get home, I'm buying a puppy. Yup. Want to come play for that adventure?


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