12 June 2012

A note from Ms. Lazy Pants (that's me...)

Whoops. Just went ahead and disappeared on you all after Brian and Leigh's wedding, didn't I now? (Yes. The answer is "Yes, you did, you Bitch Face." Kidding! You would never say such a mean thing to me... right?)

Here is my tried-and-true list of excuses of why I haven't so much as tweeted in the past 25 days:

  • Lack of affordable wifi in the US (affordable = free. Duh.)
  • Lack of any type of wifi on airlines, airports, and Amtrak. (PS: Amtrak is so. awful. I'm looking at you, Chicago to St. Louis route. Yes, YOU.)
  • I was not in one place for more than 48 hours since mid-May.
  • When I landed in Japan on May 28th, I met my in-laws in Narita airport, and changed hats from US tourist to Japan tour guide in 2 seconds flat.
  • The Blogger interface SUCKS to update photos or posts. I am Ms. Lazy Pants; I revolt when sharing is more involved then pressing one button. (Duh, x2.)

Anyway! Sorry! Enough excuses! Stop yelling at me!

The US was lovely. It was all that I hoped for, with the exception of stuffing my face great Mexican food. I ran out of time for that. I did, however, get some killer St. Louis BBQ, so I left a happy (and pudgy) girl. The Amos family's trip across Japan was so nice; I'll have to write some travel guide updates, as I'm getting the hang of the tourist spots. (Kyoto, check! Tokyo, check! Hiroshima, check!) Finally, this past Sunday after everyone left, my Amos and I sat down on the couch, after 4 weeks apart, and we did what any newlywed couple would: We watch 4 hours straight of Mad Men (What did you think I was going to say? Get your head out of the gutter! And Oh My God, poor Joan!)

I'm sure I'll slowly update you and catch you up over the next couple weeks. The books I've read alone could make up a whole post. I'm playing catch up now: doing laundry, dishes, and unpacking (finally). I'm calling Visa to waive the late fee, as I forgot to pay my credit card bill on June 1st (My first time ever, which breaks my little former-CPA heart. Sigh.) I cooked dinner for the first time in over a month, and I dusted our apartment and bought flowers to cheer up the almost-rainy-season Nagoya. (*Update: now raining.)

I'm back, and it actually feels so good. I know I wrote a whiny, homesick-y post right before I left, but I feel better now. I spoke with good friends, and they assured me it was totally normal and I'd come out the other end fine. They were right, too. I landed in Japan, took a deep breath in, and realized I rather like this polite, thoughtful, detail-oriented country. I also really like being in the same country as my husband, so overall, pretty happy with my life choices.

Happy June, my friends. It's good to be here.


  1. Aww, Sarah, so glad you are back, and so glad you are enjoying life.

  2. Thank god your back! I was beginning to worry. :)

  3. Glad you made it back in one piece, safe and sound. Two things: 1, we recently watched Mad Men form the beginning, as much back-to-back-to-back episodes as we could. We're on the current season, about halfway through. So I UNDERSTAND. 2, can't wait to hear about the books!


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