01 April 2011



LOVES. why... hello. i'm back, but just because i was feeling straight up rude. i need to throw something out there, and it's not great.

i need to stop blogging for awhile.

here's the thing: i don't have time. at all. i am one of those people who uses time very, very well and when i say i don't got any, it means i do not have any. it's not a lack of stories on my end (i went yeast and gluten and vanilla and dairy free for the last four weeks. and i bought my wedding dress. and my world at work went crazy. all those just begs for a post.) but the problem lies in the lack of time i have to let them percolate before i throw them up here. and if the time alone wasn't enough, i don't have the energy. most importantly, i don't want to keep apologizing for things that are beyond my control. i'm working on that last one.

when i started this blog little more than a year ago, my life was a bit slower paced. it's not the wedding planning either, darlings, though that does take some time. it's the job - it simply uses much more of my brain power than it did before. i used to find myself with 10 or 20 minutes here or there to think and jot down a couple sentences. now? my spare 10 minutes don't exist anymore. i am now at a place where i have to be on. all the time. which is great and rewarding and kind of exciting. i get to use my brain! (and, like most of you all, that was not always the story). but when i get home, i need to turn it off. like all the way off. and do yoga, go grocery shopping, do laundry, say hello to Amos... those things that you can't really skip.

i will continue to write, focusing on longer stories and novels. maybe i'll be back with posts, but only when i can do it right, not this baloney i've been tossing up here.

so, with that, i bid you adieu. or, as my Irish grandmother used to say, Until we meet again.

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