About Me

What up? My name is Sarah, and welcome to my little blog.  If you clicked on this, that means you probably don't know me in real life. Well, hello. I had it in my mind that my blog readership consist of my mom, my mother-in-law, and a few family members and friends from home. The fact that you -- yes, you, person I don't know -- are reading freaks me out a bit. Let's just skip the awkwardness and pretend that we're already on good terms and know lots and lots about each other, m'kay?

I'm currently living in Nagoya, Japan with my husband, Amos. We arrived in early February 2012 and are on an assignment with his company, originally scheduled for just over a year. However, shortly after arrival, our assignment changed, and now we are only here until October 2012. That could change tomorrow, or in September, or we could go home and then come back. It looks like we're here through 2013. I think. My life is a daily exercise in not knowing and letting go. It's annoying, but I'm slowly getting better at it.

I'm a Colorado native and have lived my adult life in Washington State (Gonzaga for University; Seattle for the rest); this is our first expat assignment. In another life, I was a CPA, and before I left home, I was a Sr. Project Manager and Account Lead for a digital marketing firm. I loved the work and hope to be doing some freelancing while I am over here and return to it when we get back to the States. What? You want to hire me? Oh, that's fantastic. Please email me! Here's my Linked In profile.

I think that's it. You want to chat more? I'd love to. Email me at sarah@shean.com.

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