17 December 2010

a broken clock is right 2x a day. or whatever.

I used to make fun of my mother for certain things: stretching in public, her dance moves while cooking, wearing workout clothes hours after she had left the gym, and, let's not forget, her snowman mug. It was a large mug (some people might call it a bowl) and it was a Christmas gift from my sister years before. It was delightfully cheerful: perfectly winter-y and Christmas-y. My mother drank out of it year round. Including July. In my tween years, it was mortifying.

Now that we are in the winter-y, Christmas-y season, and now that my tween years are far, far behind me (thank Jesus), I have to confess: I have 2 Christmas mugs, one with a snowman and one with a pengiun. Amos brought them both into the relationship. I think they were Momma Amos' at one point. Regardless, they ended up in my cupboard. And I love them. Yes, even in July. But now that it's December, I can just nod and smile when I am drinking coffee and Amos comes into the kitchen and comments how festive and Christmas-y I am this morning.

I am my mother's daughter - what can I say? Though I'm drawing the line at public stretching. For now.

14 December 2010

polar bear on my chest.

i bought this. and it is awesome. 

now, if only Amos would get this. we could take the best christmas card ever.


09 December 2010

My to-do list kicks ass.

Things I Did Today:

Today I made a doctor's appointment.
Then I called my insurance to make extra-double sure this new doctor was covered. Only make that mistake once.
Then I made an appointment for a facial.
Then I made an appointment for a massage.
Then I bought a ticket to go visit a friend who lives halfway across the country. Just cause I wanted to.
Then I updated my blog.
Then I road my bike trainer, because at one point in my life, I used to work out.
Then I went to my writing group, who hasn't kicked me out, even though I haven't written anything since the summer. We meet in one of my favourite pubs of all time. Sometimes I say words like 'favourite' and 'pub' and pretend I'm British and scrappy.

Days like today are awesome.

things i am excited about - christmas edition.


Family getting together -blah-blah-blah. Do you know what I'm excited about for Christmas? I am going to bring down all my silverware, silverware that has been washed by hand for over 2 years, and run it in my sister's dishwasher. Yea boy. I'm excited. You should be excited for me. It will all be very, very clean.

The End.

*PS - I'm  not a total Grinch. I am very excited for Christmas, for more than just the use of a dishwasher. But, peeps, it's been TWO FUCKING YEARS since any of my dishes has been sanitized in scalding hot water and scrubbed in the way only a machine can scrub. You dig? It's exciting. But I am not, nor have I ever really been, a Grinch.

02 December 2010

holiday bunting

now that it's december 1st, i am full on in holiday mode. i don't know if it was the early snow this year, or the fact that my life was so busy, with all projects wrapping up in early december, but i am stoked for the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it, I'm there, with a plate of cookies and some wrapping paper.

don't get me wrong, i have gotten precisely zero gifts so far, and have precisely zero clue what i am getting people, except Amos. we're not really doing gifts this year - just something small - given the whole planning-and-paying-for-a-wedding-and-a-honeymoon-and-a-pre-honeymoon-to-Belize-for-almost-all-of-february (sigh... super pumped)

anyway, back to holidays. now that it's december 1st, i'm all sorts of ready to decorate. wreaths. bells. ribbon. and now bunting. wouldn't the above look fantastic draped across windows in stairwells? particularly my windows in my stairwells? it's homemade, and looks pretty simple, but, alas, i don't have a sewing machine, so i'm having to scour my brain to come up with a way around that (or a way to convince sister with a sewing machine to do it for me...Maybe I can convince her with homemade cookies, a little trade action, no?)

That's all I got. No ending here. Stopping now, must commence scheming about decorating...
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