01 February 2011

organization motivation

Er... hello.

It's been awhile. I know. I went to Chicago last week, and have been playing catch up since then. I wanted to blog - really - I just didn't have much to say. Or anything to say, really. I, sometimes, I think there is no greater crime than spouting out words for the simple sake of spouting, you hear? Or - truthfully - it could very well be that tell myself that to make me feel better.

Anyway, all last week, when I thought about writing but didn't have much to say, I felt the pressing need to do something - something that could make me feel all right about my radio silence. Remnants of Catholic Guilt, I guess. Baby dolls, I cleaned. Like really cleaned. I have my entire trunk of my car filled up with clothes for Goodwill. I was ruthless. If it hadn't been worn in a year, it was gone. Even if it was still in good shape, like my Dansko clogs. Someone else can use them, says I! I have teeny closets and a girl can only have so many pairs of shoes before her boyfriend starts complaining that there is no where for his (scant 3 pair) of shoes. Then girl feels bad and makes room. See, girl can make sacrifices for her relationship.

Yes, closets were emptied. I even dug out and organized all my photos and keepsakes from high school and college. (I know.) Amos took over my home office/closet and set to organizing and nesting in there, as I have tend to sit in our kitchen, soaking up the little natural light we can get. I dusted, I Swiffered, I cursed the Swiffer for how it's not that great and pretty wasteful. I mean, I still don't own a real mop, but I bet they work loads better. We took boxes and boxes to the recycling bin.

Now I'm back. Not sure I have much to say, except that I'm working on it. I've run out of things to clean.

Oh, and download Florence + The Machine. That shit is good.


  1. I LOVE Florence + the Machine. I could dance around for hours to that music. So, so good.

  2. hmm you inspire me. I always think...I might wear that...this time or maybe then....

    I shall try tomorrow to be RUTHLESS like you!

  3. Jess has been in a "simplifying life" kick. Which has been really great! She started blogging about it as well, just little things to do to make life a little less cluttered. Deep cleaning is just like retail therapy for me. It feels so good. I'm really glad you're writing again. Welcome back!


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