12 July 2012

Fuji-San (in photos)

Hello lovelies. Writing to you from a windy and rainy Nagoya this morning. I thought I'd share some Mt. Fuji photos from our climb last weekend. We did the Yoshida trail, which is steep but short. We took off from Nagoya around 11PM on Friday, arrived at Station 5 just after 4AM, summited around 9:15AM and were off the trail by 2. The day was windy enough to almost blow us over, and we never saw real sunshine until we were almost down to the bottom. The infamous noodle shops and beer vending machines were not open at the top, and the cloud cover was so bad we couldn't even see the crater, or any view to speak of.

We have a great time anyway. Hiking in Japan, with the colorful gear, impeccably maintained trails, and well developed bathroom system is always a treat. I'm thinking that it's high time for me to begin putting together some travel guides on Japan. Look for them, including a detailed one of Fuji, soon.

Until then, xo.

Beginning the hike at 4AM from Station #5
Early sunrise and a momentary break in the clouds. Station 7 and summit in the background.
Reaching Station 6 with my walking stick, which properly identified me as a tourist.
Branding the stick at each hut that we passed on the way to the summit.
The route up has several "stations," which are hut(s) that climbers can grab food, drinks, or bunk down for a couple hours rest.
Each hut has it's own branding for the walking sticks.
Approaching Station 7 huts.
About 3100m, we got above one level of clouds for a bit of almost-sunshine (or at least less fog).
As we climbed up Station 7 (it's a long one).

Tori gates at reaching the top of Station 7.

View from the bathroom, so you wouldn't have to miss the view. 
Climbing up on a very (VERY) windy day.

Tori gate leading to the summit.

The view was supposed to be incredible. Um... we wouldn't know.

Obligatory summit photo
Accidental self-portrait.
Climbing back down. 

Lunch break on the way down. Not too shabby.
Clouds moving in.
Clouds moving out. (Summit almost visible from here) 
Colorful traffic jam on the mountain as we headed back. 

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