08 September 2010

damn it seattle.

if you are going to insist on being summer-y for a measly 6 weeks, then I am def. going to increase my coffee budget. because if this is me in August, god help us in February....


  1. Dear god, you've set 435$ on all things food related? I've got 75$ for restaurants and $100 on groceries (and instead of coffee shops, since Chicago has none, I've got a booze budget of roughly the same $$). What the hell! I'm jealous of your food-spending capabilities.
    Then again, I get constant emails from mint.com stating that I've exceeded those categories every month. I'm probably not being as realistic as I should be...

  2. i am a girl who likes to eat. gotta have priorities.

  3. Sarah- what is this program you use to budget?

  4. Rebecca - it's Mint.com. go to there. it is sheer amazingness.


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