11 September 2010


i went to high school. i went to college. i took a bagillion tests to become professionally certified (to clarify, bagillion = 4). and now, a scant 2 years later, looks like i have to catch up on my reading to keep my licensure.

Oh, and the books cost $430, which is just insulting. i'm kind of regreting this whole grown-up-have-an-adult-job-thing. Can I get a do over and come back as Hannah Montana? Her life seems awesome*.

*I know, the poor child is stalked by paparazzi. BUT... did you see the book Intellectual Property up there? I would gladly exchange one book, one 'azzi. deal, Miley?

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  1. I'm totally with you on that do over. Except I don't really wanna be Hannah Montana, my husband gets hives when he sees her so that wouldn't really work out. But anyone else in that general genre would be ok, I mean how hard can it really be to wear big sunglasses and get your picture taken all the time? Sure they'd get some embarrassing shots of me on bad hair days for all to see, but I'd rather deal with that than think about things like mortgage payments and property taxes.


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