11 November 2010

all right then.

i was listening to NPR (enter joke about stereotypical northwest liberal hippie choices of news-radio) this morning, driving my booty to early morning yoga (i know, i amaze myself sometimes... and enter another joke about stereotypical northwest liberal hippie choices) when the following sentence caught my attention.

...the brothel owners, who used to own a funeral parlor, are helping their neighbors in an effort to preserve the habitat of the endangered toad. In the dusk hours, the toads have begun to be found congregating by their clothing - optional pool.

Hands down the most interesting thing I heard this morning. There is just so much in those 2 sentences.

You're welcome.


  1. You missed the required "wearing North Face fleece" in your description of us NW hippies ;-)

    God, I love NPR. One minute you're listening to a story about the global economy, the next minute you're learning about brothel owners and toad nudist colonies.

  2. What in the world. Those might be the most awesome couple of sentences I've read in a long while!

  3. Bah, whatevs. I listen to NPR, too. We can wallow in our liberal yuppiness together, miss.


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