02 November 2010

More Enjoyable than Fine China.

Amigos! I've been a busy little bee this week - securing a venue, working my hiney off, dressing up as Suzy Homemaker to go play Bingo in an old folks home - but this morning, I started to dig in and create a wedding registry. Don't worry: Amos wasn't missing out on the fun. He and I were both working from home, and our conversation went back and forth across the living room and home office.*

I'm just going to come out and say it: Wedding Registries are weird. It's the second weird thing I've done while planning. Wedding websites were number one. (Try and create one that isn't cheesy and let me know how that is possible). Like wedding websites, I wanted to just skip the whole thing, but then realized that, under their mega-awkwardness, both are super helpful to guests. So I sucked it up, made a website, and begun registering. I felt like I should be shouting GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE when I first starting adding items, simply because it feels totally excessive. Then I realized it's like shopping without spending money. Which is awesome, and I got over feeling weird pretty quickly.

Here's the thing: Amos and I live in a small place. We have tiny closets, teeny cupboards, and teeny-tiny kitchen. Where are we supposed to put anything? I looked into honeymoon registries, but you end up paying like 8% to the companies that run the site, and (I think my guests would agree) I would rather have 100% of my gifts, compared to 92%. I'm greedy like that. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: I really would like hurricane candle holders.
Amos: What's a hurricane candle holder? [pause. Enter conversation about what hurricane candle holder is.]
Me: They would be really pretty. Let's register for 2 big and 2 small. That will look so pretty when we host holidays.**
Amos: Where would they go not at Thanksgiving?
Me: [quiet a moment].
Me: Shit.

I assume the hurricane candle holders will make my outdoor space look exactly like this? Wait, I don't have outdoor space. Damn it.

So, after putting a nice blurb about not expecting gifts (which is totally true. Guests' presence is best present, blender is optional, you get?), we put a little thing about saving up money for a house, which is a goal of Amos and I. Then we began the more traditional registry. Well... almost traditional. We headed to REI, and I found this. Mmmhmmm, check yes to a double sized camping hammock. I will put you on my list.***

Already, this wedding registry feels better.

* Let's be real here folks. We live in the city. Home office is a closet. Actually, home office is part of a closet because how could we possible give up an entire closet? Our shoes have to go somewhere.

**This whole planning our future thing is actually the MOST EXCITING thing about getting married. Really fun. (Oh, and we did register for the hurricanes. We found they can go on a bookshelf and a dresser when not in use. We are very good at space management.)

*** I also supplemented with more traditional things, like a vacuum. But I am way more excited about the hammock then the Hoover.


  1. Oh yes, so many things about wedding planning are totally cheesy and awkward. Go ahead and embrace the cheese, it does not end there.
    And I feel you on the no space thing. But definitely register for things you want, otherwise you will end up with so many gifts that you have no idea what to do with, and no clue where to return them.

  2. Ahhh, I helped my boyfriend's future sister-in-law the other day. It was sort of fun, but mostly because I go crazy for kitchen supplies.
    Plus, I was a manager at C&B for 2 years, I've got the whole wedding register checklist downpact. I used to think it so stupid, but after talking to many people, it makes sense - people are gonna get you gifts no matter what, so why not make it a useful gift?

  3. Registering for things is so much fun, I even went and participated in a focus group about my registry. Enjoy every second of it! And come on, blog some more my friend! I miss it, ha ha!


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