09 December 2010

My to-do list kicks ass.

Things I Did Today:

Today I made a doctor's appointment.
Then I called my insurance to make extra-double sure this new doctor was covered. Only make that mistake once.
Then I made an appointment for a facial.
Then I made an appointment for a massage.
Then I bought a ticket to go visit a friend who lives halfway across the country. Just cause I wanted to.
Then I updated my blog.
Then I road my bike trainer, because at one point in my life, I used to work out.
Then I went to my writing group, who hasn't kicked me out, even though I haven't written anything since the summer. We meet in one of my favourite pubs of all time. Sometimes I say words like 'favourite' and 'pub' and pretend I'm British and scrappy.

Days like today are awesome.


  1. I LOVE to-do lists. Yours is pretty sweet, especially that part about facials and massages. :)


  2. Hooray for blog updates, facials and massages and writing groups and saying pubs and favourite. Too cute.


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