02 December 2010

holiday bunting

now that it's december 1st, i am full on in holiday mode. i don't know if it was the early snow this year, or the fact that my life was so busy, with all projects wrapping up in early december, but i am stoked for the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it, I'm there, with a plate of cookies and some wrapping paper.

don't get me wrong, i have gotten precisely zero gifts so far, and have precisely zero clue what i am getting people, except Amos. we're not really doing gifts this year - just something small - given the whole planning-and-paying-for-a-wedding-and-a-honeymoon-and-a-pre-honeymoon-to-Belize-for-almost-all-of-february (sigh... super pumped)

anyway, back to holidays. now that it's december 1st, i'm all sorts of ready to decorate. wreaths. bells. ribbon. and now bunting. wouldn't the above look fantastic draped across windows in stairwells? particularly my windows in my stairwells? it's homemade, and looks pretty simple, but, alas, i don't have a sewing machine, so i'm having to scour my brain to come up with a way around that (or a way to convince sister with a sewing machine to do it for me...Maybe I can convince her with homemade cookies, a little trade action, no?)

That's all I got. No ending here. Stopping now, must commence scheming about decorating...


  1. Tee hee, I'm glad to be reading your writing again. Your comments on my blog were pretty hilarious! I'm in full on Christmas mode too - I think it's the fact that I've been domesticated by being a wife/fiance for awhile now. Could that be the case for you? Anyway, I decided to create a garland out of pinecones and ribbon and I'm digging it. The hubs poked holes in the pinecones with hooks and I hung it up (well and I went out and bought the materials, he can't have all of the credit!). Now it smells like cinnamon in our apartment and I'm pretty happy about that. Good luck decoratin!

  2. You know, if your sister's not covinced with cookies, I just might be willing to negoiate a trade. Maybe a weekend on your Aerobed; I'll bring my sewing machine? :)

  3. a) You don't know me, but I know Megie. I don't remember how I first found your blog, but it got added to my reader and I read it from time to time because it's good.
    b) I'm TOTALLY making these, but possibly with ribbon and colored thread. If they turn out well, I'll share pictures.

  4. Wait.. pre-honeymoon in Belize?? Girl you know how to do it right. Where are you going for the actual honeymoon? :) xo


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