09 April 2012

Dear Pintrest :: NO.

You know this is just chocolate chips in a banana peel, right?


This looks like a five year old did your hair.
Step away from the bobbie pins.

Mustaches. On your nails.


I don't even know what the fuck this is!

A giant owl pillow IS NOT A NEED.

You need a pin to remember to print this?

It's stick figures. Spend 2 seconds and sketch it out yourself.

For the love of....

Your coffee mug does not need to be bedazzled, okay?

Food and water is a need.
This is a gold watch. 

There is a subtle difference.

Simply brilliant?
The laws of thermodynamics are simply brilliant.

This is sharpie on a water bottle.


  1. hahahah this is amazing. And completely timely. I was just on Pinterst (erm I mean working) and found things that have me scratching my head and contemplating dumping my account. There's such crap on there! Though bedazzling anything sounds like a lot of fun. Just sayin.


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