13 June 2012

May 2012 :: A (super late) wrap up

Well, May! Now that we're 13 days behind schedule, let's just move forward, shall we? (Can one move forward with a recap? Anyway, you know what I mean.)

Recycling involves washing, drying, tearing, & walking it BACK to the store.
It sucks.

Amos didn't get the memo we were taking a photo.

Botticelli's Birth of Venus decoupaged onto a toilet. Ah-maze-ing.

The lid made it even better.

I didn't realize the grocery store would close early over Golden Week.
Since we didn't have food, I had to do the shopping at a kombini, or convince store.

Cinco de Mayo, Nihon-go Style.

Chicago has the BEST architecture.

I have really, really missed you.

Waiting for the bus. 

Family time.

Crusin' in S to the 'Lina.

Friend time. And Red Bull time. Wedding weekends are work, you know.

I always forget how big it is.

School Field Trips in Kyoto.

The Amoses take Japan (& my SIL is all legs, in a good way. Holy moley.)

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