18 October 2010

favorites folder.

AH! As I'm beginning to plan the upcoming marriage-party for Amos y Me, I've been going and snipping out lovely pictures from all over the web. In the process, I also went through my 'things i love' bookmark folder, and MAN, I found some good things I forgot I saved. Thought you all might be interested in some visual candy, yes yes? (Apologies, most of these don't have links back, as I usually just bookmarked the .jpg. If one of these is yours, please let me know and I will give credit.)

None of these really deal with weddings yet, per say, as I've just begun to appreciate how, um, loaded a wedding can be - with everyone you love having all sorts of big opinions - so I've being a tad private with it right now. That may change in the future. (One of the sincerely lovely things about being a human is the ability to occasionally change one's mind.) Anyway, on to a scattering of my favorites folder!

That's all I've gots for now - a dear friend and I are off to look at an old salvage shop in SoDo. Lovely Sunday if I do say so myself. xox.

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  1. I like the photos and by extension, your style! I like the crisp white and traditional ideas with a unique take on interpretation. Thanks for sharing the photos!


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