31 March 2012

March 2012 :: a wrap-up

Living out of suitcases, 4 weeks in.
Girls day is March 3rd 
Now, imagine you're sitting on a toilet...
 and this is the flower arrangement staring at you from under the sink.
The Philippines!
Moving in. YAY.
Pen_s Festival
Fugu (blowfish), and we lived to tell the tale! 
Ordering in Dominos helps any homesickness.
Feeding the (aggressive!) deer at Nara
I thought it was broccolini at the store...
Turns out it was parsley. Crap.
(Give me a break; it was wrapped in plastic)
Calligraphy class
A rainy walk through Imperial Gardens in Tokyo
Setting fashion trends in Tokyo. Hello, kitties.
Pancake flavored kit kat bars. Naturally.
Nothing makes me want an Orangina like Richard Gere.
Good! Beer!
Fuji Island at the Light Festival
tuna and avocado donburi


  1. Dear Sarah,

    First of all congrats on moving in!! I love the coat rack.
    Also I love when you spot celebrities hawking shit in other countries. We saw Gwyneth Paltrow doing the same all over Iceland. Just makes me want to shout things like, "guess an Oscar doesn't pay that much after all!! You gotta work like the rest of us!!!" but that would be weird.
    When I first saw pancake KitKats I thought "ew", but then seconds later I said, "let's be serious. That is RIGHT up your alley". I would like those waiting for me upon arrival to Japan (whenever that happens- Christmas??)Okay this is more like a letter than a comment so I'll stop.


    p.s.- you should of written pen15 for the festival. hahah...pen15...

  2. Is it odd that when I read 'blowfish' I thought about that Simpsons episode??

  3. @ the soft soled: i love you. answer your damn phone!

    @ kimberly: so funny! Amos said the same thing; we might have watched that clip when we got home from the restaurant.

  4. I love all of your photos. What a great vacation diary. :)



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