09 March 2012

Philippine Fact #5 :: NOT Chicken Adobo

The original plan for today was to bring you Amos' Chicken Adobe recipe, which is just SO GOOD. However, I thought it'd be WAY more fun to show pictures of him making it in our new apartment... so you're going to have to wait until Mid March to get your paws on that.


Until then, please try and be content with the rather exceptional photo above, which was taken by Alfonso Lizares at the Mambukal Mudpack Festival. Don't know about the Mambukal Festival? Read below, dummy!

The Mambukal Mudpack Festival is held at the height of monsoon season. 

It celebrates the harmony of man and nature and encourages young peoples' environmentalism. The rich soil they cover themselves with is called Mumbukal Clay.

Well there you go! Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Amos' almost native country (I say almost native, since he is US born, but his Mamma is Filipina). Back to regular posting next week! xo.

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