05 March 2012

Philippine fact #1

Amos and I are off to the Philippines for a week to visit his family in Cebu and BayBay Leyte. I'm terribly excited for a number of reasons: we get to see my mother-in-law, who I really love; I get to meet Amos' extended family for the first time and finally put faces to the names I've heard so much about; we get to enjoy warm 80 degree weather and escape the humid cold of Nagoya. It's going to be won-duh-ful.

In the time that I'm gone, please feel free to stop by JR for a daily dose of Philippine Phacts (ha! sorry, that's terrible and I couldn't help myself...). Since we are hopping from the island of Japan to the islands of the Philippines, here a little trivia for today:

The karaoke machine is a Filipino invention, not Japanese (as many, myself included, assume). Karaoke means singing without accompaniment in Japanese, but it the modern Karaoke machines were invented by a man named Roberto del Roasio, who called the invention the Sing Along System.

(Now don't say I never taught you nothing.)

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