13 July 2010

my bad, Nan

 you all remember how i whined and bitched about Nan Lawson never getting back to me about the custom portrait? Well, turns out I never sent her a confirmation email to say I wanted to order the first draft. Yeah, I know. Somehow, in my totally excitement, I sent the confirmation email to my mom and not Nan. Whoops. I also sent all follow up emails to my mom and not Nan. Whoops again. I'm left a little bit red in the face that Nan has been very timely in response when I actually sent emails to her, and a little bit annoyed at myself for not catching my errors when I went back through these emails a couple weeks ago. (And, sidenote, Mom... why didn't you say anything when you got all these random, not addressed to you emails?!)

Anyway, my rant on Nan was totally, 100% unwarranted because it was totally, 100% my bad. If I am getting good at anything in my mid-twenties, it's this apologizing business. So: I am very sorry Nan. You were right, and I was uber, uber-wrong.


  1. Oh, man! It's never easy to make right of a situation like that. :-( But I'm glad you got everything straightened out!

  2. Anonymous14 July, 2010

    bahahaha, ooops! well, i therefore apologize for calling her a bitchface, then.

  3. LOL! I love how Mom didn't even say anything ;) xo


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