25 June 2010

PAM failed me.

See that mess above? It's half of my kale & cheddar frittata, stuck to the pan, which is disappointing because I used that nonstick spray. Lots of it. In the end, however, it was a hot mess. Which is sad, because it was looking all sorts of promising before it imploded. It ended up looking like a doughnut. I mean, I ate it anyway, but it wasn't pretty.

Maybe if someone talks about the importance of an anodized aluminum pan as much as my dear Orangette does, I should listen to her and not substitute in my cheap skillet from Ross. Just a thought this lovely Friday morning, as I eat my leftover kale-heavy, looks like scrambled eggs frittata.


  1. Yeah the PAM people lie, I've never had any luck with that stuff. The only thing that really works for me is a good non-stick pan, but lately they are saying those aren't good for us health wise. So really, I give up.
    Hope your frittata was still tasty even if a bit doughnut like =)

  2. Yeah the pan you use is important, we have learned. The boy is the cook in our house and he has cursed the pan many a time with burnt hasbrowns and such. Lesson learned, right?!

  3. The pan definitely makes a difference, but if you don't have a non stick pan, use butter instead of the spray. Not as healthy, I know, but it WORKS. (And tastes sooooo good!)

  4. It looks delicious, though!

  5. My mushroom and garlic scape fritatta suffered a similar fate yesterday. The pan had to soak for hours!


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